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  3. Introduction

    After establishment in 2010, Jiangsu Outeck ElectronicsIndustry Group has become a joint-stock group enterprisewith large scale and advanced technology through manyyears of efforts. The Company always adheres to thephilosophy “Science and technology oriented and market based; seeking survival with quality and pursuing benefitswith management”, continuously introduces domestic andforeign advanced technologies, attaches great importanceto technical innovation and converts new technology tohigh quality products in order to make them enter market.

    Now the Group has one operation center and four factoryareas: Nanjing CBD Operation Center, Qiushe DevelopmentZone, Fenhu Development Zone, Wujiang DevelopmentZone and Wuxi Factory Area. The Company has widelyreceived appreciative comments for high quality services and established good reputation and credibility amongcustomers and peers. In recent years, the Companycontinuously increases investment of technical strength andforce on project construction and provides powerfulguarantee for project construction period and quality.

    In order to satisfy continuous development demands of themarket and achieve new development, the Companysigned association agreement with Power ConstructionGroup mainly focusing on overseas engineering projectconstruction in January 2015. With increasingly perfect group scale, increasingly mature products as well as relatedsupporting and after-sales services getting closer to thecustomers, the Company actively seeks economic andtrade cooperation both at home and abroad, andgradually enters international market with good services,high quality products and preponderant market competitionprices.

    Subsidiaries affiliated to Jiangsu Outeck Electronics Industry Group:


    Jiangsu Outeck New Construction Engineering Co., Ltd.

    Suzhou Outeck Communication equipment Co., Ltd.

    Jiangsu Power New Construction Engineering Co., Ltd.

    Suzhou Outeck New Material Co., Ltd.

    Wujiang Opson Purification Technology Co., Ltd.

    Olin (Suzhou) Filtration System Co., Ltd.

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