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  3. Outeck New Material

    As one of the earliest wholly-owned subsidiaries affiliated toOuteck Group, Suzhou Outeck New Material Co., Ltd. is mainlyengaged in fire proof plates with metal surface as well as

    thermal insulation and fire proof materials, widely used incommunication and purification industries.

    Now the Company has more than 130 manufacturing workersand over 260 project construction staff. Among them,engineering technologists have bachelor degree and above orrich construction experience. Color steel sandwich plate withmetal surface manufactured by the Company is characterizedby high processing precision, attractive appearance, smoothsurface, no dust and static electricity, high strength, lightweight,thermal insulation, sound insulation, fire proof, moisture proofand easy construction. In addition, its technical indexes areconsistent with the standards of National Building MaterialsBureau. And also, such color steel sandwich plates with metalsurface have passed the certification by Fire Department ofMinistry of Public Security and obtained test report for color steelsandwich plates with metal surface resisting fire within 1, 1.5, 2, 3and 4 hours.

    With powerful technical strength, various world leading colorsteel sandwich plate production lines as well as scientific andstandard production process, the Company can manufacture

    different color steel sandwich plates which are consistent withconstruction requirements. In addition, the Company can alsoprovide service on customizing non-standard products inaccordance with special use requirements by customers.

    Through many years of development and based on long-termview, the Company has a clear orientation. We will always takeR& D, production and sales of purification and fire proofmaterials  as  the  Company’s  foundation.  With  “Integrity,practicability and efficiency” enterprise spirit, the Company willtake customer demands as effort goal , keep improving andspare no efforts to manufacture high quality products.What weeverlastingly pursue is customer satisfaction.

    The products are widely used in decoration and finishing of dustfree and purification engineering such as pharmaceuticalworkshop, food workshop, laboratory, electronic workshop andhospital. The Company was awarded with the title of “JiangsuNew Wall Certification Enterprise”in 2015, enjoying 50% taxrefund policy established by the government. The Company’sproducts are sold throughout the country. The Company’scooperative customers include many domestic and foreignwell-known enterprises such as Shimz (Japan) ConstructionCorporation, BYD Group, Xiuzheng Pharmaceutical Group, WuhuToken and Tsinghua Tongfang, and the product quality has beenrecognized by them.

    Meanwhile, the Company’s color steel sandwich plates arewidely used in communication field. The Company hasestablished long-term and stable cooperative partnership withmany companies such as China Mobile, China Unicom andChina Tower. The three communication operators all use ourproducts on their communication equipment room construction.

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