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  3. Opson Purification Technology

    As a 30-year-old manufacturing enterprise, Wujiang OpsonPurification Technology Co., Ltd. has always been committed topurification product development and production since itsestablishment and the Company integrates product consulting,design and installation and maintenance as a whole. TheCompany sells products to more than 20 provinces, cities and autonomous regions in China, and specially provides newhigh-tech  purification  products  for  various  purificationcompanies and purification equipment distributors all over the country.

    With 30 years of cleaning technology and productionexperience, the Company will continuously carry forwardhardworking spirit and adhere to “Technology, innovation,practicability and efficiency” business philosophy under theleadership of China first generation cleaning technologyresearch personnel. We are looking forward to making brightfuture and creating great achievements by cooperating with youtogether!

    The Company mainly provides various auxiliary equipment forpurification and solutions for production and R & D departmentson pharmaceutical products, medical health, biochemistry,health  care  food,  mechano-electronics  and  electronicinstrument. With powerful technical strength and excellentproduction equipment, the Company can customize variousstandard and non-standard products upon the request ofcustomers.

    The Company has various metal-plated purification products,including special door and window for cleaning room, medicinecabinet in the surgical operation room, instrument cabinet,weighing room, air shower, purifying table, dust remover, airdistributor, delivery window. In addition, the Company can alsoprovide various customized non-standard products upon therequest of customers.

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